Learning languages in Mixed Reality

Learn languages

Learn languages in Mixed Reality

Lalinga brings the world of languages into your living room.

Holograms make intuitive learning possible. Dive into a new experience. Explore the world of languages, use your senses and learn more effectively. Lalinga is the new generation of audiovisual learning that creates an intuitive learning experience.

How it works

We believe learning should be engaging and joyful.
The concept of Lalinga is based on cognitive and Mixed Reality research.

Augmented Reality
Lalinga combines effective strategies of learning with new immersive technology.
Use your senses
Feel, see and hear the words. Learning with different senses is fun and successful.
Explore and test
Explore, learn and try out – intuitive learning without translation. Store your learnings with vocabulary tests.


Mixed Reality

Modern technology supports learning

Studies show that Mixed Reality (MR) can improve learning. In Lalinga MR brings the world of language into your real environment. Using MR-glasses you can see and explore objects in your target language. You can look at a whole house from different perspectives. Point on an object and you will see and hear its meaning in your target language – learning without translation, learning in your own speed, guided by your own interest.

MR can provide better content understanding, supports even longterm memory, increases transfer and motivates the learners, as could be shown by different studies. Students report that learning with MR is more satisfying and more fun than traditional education material and are therefore motivated to continue.

Use your senses

Use your senses.
You can touch even verbs and adjectives.

Use your senses: Explore objects in 3D from different perspectives, hear the pronunciation and interact with your environment. We believe that Lalinga makes language learning not only more fun but also more effective than other language applications. It addresses different senses and therefore people with different learning styles. It combines a visual picture of a word with its written structure, its sound and its position and movement in your environment. Since you explore your environment, the words that you learn are automatically linked to each other. This network that is automatically built, makes it easier to recall the words when you really need them.


Explore and test

Store the words in your memory by continuous tests.
Unlock the next level by completing them.

Learning is based on repeating

Lalinga focuses on repetition a few words a time to help you remember them better. You decide what you want to learn by exploring your environment. You can touch an object and you see and hear the word in your target language. After exploring 5 -7 words (the number of words or chunks that can be memorized at once), similar to how a child might point to an object and ask what it is, you would touch and object, hear what it is called, and then repeat the word out loud to yourself. The tests allow you to explore the nature of the word even more. For example, you move different parts of the word into the correct order or choose the right word out of different alternatives.


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We will keep you up to date when we are ready. Lalinga will be the first language learning app running on Magic Leap One and Microsoft Hololens. Other upcomming plattforms are planned. Be one of the first 100 who get’s access to the upcoming Beta. We are open for ideas and feature requests or any kind of conversation. Just drop us a mail. We are eager to hear from you.